Konstantin Kravchenko

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I am an Full-Stack Web Developer. I work with Node.js (Express.js, Nest.js) and React.js (Next.js). I also have experience withRest API (Swagger), GraphQL, Docker и Git.

My stack:

css3, less, sass, html5, xml, json,

javascript, typescript, jquery, ajax, php,

Node.js, Express.js, Shopify,

React, React Router, React Query,


Mysql, Postgress, Redux, Redis, Elasticsearch,

RabbitMQ, Puppeteer, Multer, Websocket (ws), swr (useSWR),

RestAPI, Swagger, GraphQL,

TypeORM, db-migrate

lodash, JWT, passport, reCaptcha,

twig, liquid, trello, jira, git,

gulp, webpack,

Docker, Docker-compose

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