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Bhagyashri, an E&TC Engineer with a background in Digital Marketing and Analytics from the Indian School of Business (ISB), is a highly skilled content writer and digital marketing professional. She excels at developing B2B content that drives the success of business marketing strategies.

With remarkable hands-on expertise in creating SEO-optimized articles, blogs, storyboards, taglines, captivating social media posts, meticulously researched business presentation content, and compelling B2B emailers, Bhagyashri consistently delivers excellent results.

She is proficient in using Canva for designing engaging social media posts and infographics, showcasing her keen eye for content design. Alongside her versatility, she possesses outstanding interpersonal and organizational abilities, diligently working towards achieving organizational goals while maintaining punctuality and professionalism.

Currently, Bhagyashri holds a pivotal role in a purpose-driven, cutting-edge IT & Tech solutions company, where she leads the marketing team. Her responsibilities encompass overseeing all digital marketing activities and taking charge of creating diverse content types. These include website content, social media posts, articles, case studies, business emails, extensively researched business presentation content, business leadership profiles, and more.

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