• Graphic Designing
  • November 20, 2023

I need a Logo for an event company, format : psd (raw file), png, jpg, pdf etc.

  • Freelancer Type Individual
  • Project Duration 1-5 Days
  • English Level
  • Languages English French


I need a Logo for an event company,

Need it as soon as possible.

the logo must be a big "H"
with subtitle : axe throwing event Nivelles
i need a kind of pack to use it for a web site, t-shirt printing, socal medias ( FB / Instagram )

the logo can be done in color, and in black and also in white if y want to print or put in a black t-shirt or a black wallpaper.

format : psd (raw file), png, jpg, pdf  and in verctoriel extension AI or EPS.

Skills Required


Project ID:RH-10259-lancer

Project Proposals (4)

Ayaan J.
  • 4 months ago
  • No Reviews
  • ₹1,500.00
  • in 1 days

Hello Sideras, I hope that everything is fine. My name is Ayaan Jena and I have worked for 3 Italian and 4 German companies and some YouTubers too, I have experience in logo designing for the last 3 years, and am very interested in talking with you. I will keep my proposal short and not waste your time but I hope we can have a chat soon. Have a nice day.

Sourav Koli Ghosh
  • 4 months ago
  • No Reviews
  • ₹2,500.00
  • in 3 days

A 3D animator with eight years of experience is a professional who creates 3D animations for various media such as films, television shows, video games, Logo animation and advertisements. I use software such as Maya, Blender to create 3D animations, textures, and models. I worked on projects for Netflix and DreamWorks, it is likely that I have experience working on high-quality productions and UI UX design . I am skilled in the following applications: Maya, Blender, Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe premiere pro

  • 5 months ago
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  • ₹2,000.00
  • in 2 days

I'm Supriya Tikekar, and I represent @dgiantspace, a creative agency excited to design a unique logo for you. We'd love to discuss this further. Thank you for considering @dgiantspace for logo design.

  • 5 months ago
  • No Reviews
  • ₹3,000.00
  • in 2 days

Deat Sir/Ma'am As a freelancer, I have worked on several projects that have allowed me to showcase my versatility and adaptability in different design environments. I have collaborated with clients to create custom designs that meet their specific needs while ensuring consistency and quality across all assets. In addition to my technical skills, I possess excellent communication and project management abilities. I believe that strong communication is crucial in delivering outstanding results, and I have honed my skills in this area through my work with clients and colleagues. Furthermore, I am adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously and ensuring that they are completed on time and within budget. You can reach me out +919582679905 & itikaluthra02@gmail.com, itika.02@gmail.com Looking forward to it. Thanks & Reagrds

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