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Hello.   I'm looking for someone to help me with my college assessments. I study Advanced Diploma of Management and Leadership and we're being given a dozen assessments a year which have to be worked out and submitted to the school.   I need a reliable skilled person who'd be willing to outsource this task for me with the capacity to understand the topic at task, work with case studies and other resources such as given PDFs, data booklets and web search and elaborate these assessments for satisfactory submissions. That is generally about 70-80% precision level, but the main tasks have to be all done without skipping. If you like to grab the opportunity to earn some extra $$, I'm attaching the 1st and 2nd Task here with all the data and supportive materials. Check that work thoroughly before replying so we both save time.   Note: Each task has 2 assessments: Assessment 1 and Assessment 2. That is 4 assessments altogether. For now, please focus on the Complex problem solving Assessment 1 only.   Important part 1. What's important is that they do a Plagiarism Check so it cannot be a pure copy-paste job, however some % can be used. I will also have to add the plagiarism report at the end of every assessment to confirm it wasn't a copy job.   Important part 2. The assessments have to be done with reference to the resources. That means for the answers you fill in, you will have to reference the source of the material with either a web link or a booklet / PDF / Case Study reference where you get the information from. It's very straightforward but it has to be included.   Important part 3. The finished assessments do not have to be lengthy but have to be down to the point and correct. Even short brief answers are OK if they are correct. On the other hand, long-haul blabbering around will not get the marking across. So there is no way to be successful here unless you understand the subject well. Btw, to know you've read it all the way down here, please call me Hi Honzi when applying for this job, so I know you did.   When you submit the job to me, I will briefly check it and then submit it to the school. I will pay you 50% when you send it to me, then I will check it's all complete, and 50% when they mark it satisfactory.  This is an ongoing labour hire so if you do the first assessment right, you have the work for the next terms guaranteed.   I can offer you 1500 INR for the start for the 1st assessment of the Complex problem solving part and we'll see how it goes. That is 750 when received and 750 when it turns out to be satisfactory.   You may be able to use the GPT chat but not sure if they will find out. This way, it might be very easy if it worked.   I will look forward to seeing your replies and offers.   Cheers.

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Hi Honzi, I am an experienced academic writer. I have 4 years of experience in this domain. Basically, i write assignments in subjects such as business, management, marketing, HR, Social studies and many more. I will assure you by giving you quality assignments. Thanks,

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Hi Honzi, I am an experienced academic writer, who has been working for more than 3 years in this field. I have expertise in Marketing, Business, HR, Finance related Assignments. I did an MBA in Marketing/Finance and have done a lot of successful Essays/Reports/Dissertation for clients. I can assure high-quality and well-researched, plagiarism-free work within the stipulated time.

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