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 I am an expert in web development and app development and I can handle languages like HTML CSS and javascript, kotlin, java, and Python and have knowledge of frameworks like tailwind CSS, bootstrap, jquery, and react.js I am a Btech CSE student in India with programming experience over 1 year and I gained a lot of knowledge and tips which I can implement in your project Programming languages ~ Html, CSS, and JS ~ Kotlin and Xml ~ Java and XML ~ Python ~ PHP and SQL ~ REACT.JS, EXPRESS.JS, AND JQUERY ~ BOOTSTRAP, TAILWIND CSS Experienced in ~ TIME MANAGEMENT ~ DATABASE MANAGEMENT ~ HANDLING PRESSURE I am confident that I can complete your project perfectly within your budget. I can utilize the experience that I gained from all these years for This project I will be online 24X7 You can contact me via email (Akshaibiju732@gmail.com) we can discuss the details and you can questions if any. sir, you can inspect my profile and previous works or make an interview to judge my skills. You are free to contact me whenever you feel free and confident about me sir. Contact Me through Github: htpps://github.com/Akshibiju/ Gmail: Akshaibiju732@gmail.com Whatsapp number (only message): +91 8035201498

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